Welcome to Kairos’ Learn As We Lead Resource Hub. We hope you’ll take some time to look around, bookmark it for the future, and share it with friends and colleagues.

What’s Here and How to Use It 

  • We have 6 Featured Collections – White Christian Nationalism, Militarism, War & the Nuclear Threat, What the Bible Says About Justice, Poor People’s Organizing Historically & Today, Human Rights & Moral Policy, Defending Democracy
  • Each Collection has an Introduction and offers tips for engaging others in workshops, conversations, Bible studies and so forth. It then links to the best of our educational resources – articles, videos, curricula, and so forth – on that theme.
  • This is a living page – over time we will add new themes and materials and suggest new approaches. If you have suggestions for additional materials, feel free to email us: info@kairoscenter.org.   

Why a Resource Hub?

The mission of the Kairos Center is to raise up generations of religious and community leaders to build a social movement to end poverty, racism, militarism & the war economy, ecological devastation, and distorted Biblical and moral narratives. We also believe that strong social movements need strong leaders and strong organizations (think Rosa Parks, John Lewis, Rabbi Heschel and SNCC, SCLC, the Black Panthers – the Black Freedom Struggle needed all of them). To develop leaders and build organization, we have led thousands of conversations, workshops, study groups, trainings, Bible studies, and convenings. In this Learn As We Lead Resource Hub, we have curated a collection of articles, materials and teaching tools that we hope will be most useful to the movement at this moment, so you can find what you need.