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“Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” A Sermon Celebrating Dr. King

Can anything good come out of Nazareth? Dr. Colleen Wessel-McCoy grapples with the Biblical text and with what Dr. King had to say about the source of the good news, the poor and dispossessed of our day: “We are approaching the fiftieth anniversary of King’s assassination and his words are no less true today. The good news of the people of God is never easy news…There is indeed good news from Nazareth.”

Stand with the People of Congo – Day of Action on Sunday, January 21st

Supporting the people of Congo is deeply connected to the values and principles of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.  While we struggle against the forces that take and degrade life in the U.S., we know that our struggle is global and that ultimately we must not only come together to build the new and unsettling force of the poor and dispossessed in the U.S., but in the whole world.

A Prayerful Call for Repentance and Moral Action

Read the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival steering committee’s letter to President Trump: “You and those who follow your leadership are continuing to wage a violent and systemic war on the poor. Yet, as its current Commander in Chief, you have the authority to change course and instead wage a righteous war against systemic racism, poverty, the war economy/militarism and ecological devastation in 2018.”

New Year’s 2018: Resolving to Stand Up to Caesar

Like January 7, 2018, fifty years ago today — January 7, 1968 — was a Sunday. And Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. He asked the congregation, “What are your New Year’s resolutions?” Dr. King called on his listeners to resolve to resist evil in the world, to say no to Caesar, to end war and to transform economies that value any one life more than any other. We must do the same fifty years later.

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