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“When we say ‘poor’ we refer to an inherent power we should claim”: Rev. Emily McNeill & Joe Paparone from the NYS Poor People’s Campaign

Rev. Emily McNeill and Joe Paparone are Poor People’s Campaign leaders from the Labor-Religion Coalition of NYS. They have been working for years in NY to build up the power of poor people. In this interview, we learn about their work, their insights on the Campaign, and their reflections on the role of spirituality in the movement.

“We will die for liberation, cause we know why we were made” — America Will Be: The Spirit of Struggle

As different communities across the U.S. confront the forces that inflict great misery on human life and dignity, a clear moral and religious truth is also emerging. The people and struggles that make up the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival are providing profound religious and moral insights into who we are and who we can be as a society. Episode 3 of America Will Be: The Spirit of Struggle features just some of those insights.

The Southern Strategy in Coffee County — Olivia Pearson on Trial in Georgia

Olivia Pearson, a city commissioner in Coffee County, GA goes on trial tomorrow for allegedly committing voter fraud during the 2012 election. Pearson, who is African American, is accused of helping a young black woman — a first-time voter — cast her ballot. The trial is a striking example of voter suppression in the American South, the so-called “Southern Strategy” — and part of a pattern of anti-democratic practices spreading across our nation.

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