The central task of Kairos’ communications team is to engage in communications and media as one front in our struggle to end the interlocking injustices of systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, the war economy/militarism, and the distorted moral narrative of Christian nationalism. We accomplish this by amplifying the analysis and work of Kairos’ program areas, the Poor People’s Campaign, and our network.

The arts and culture work of Kairos is deeply connected to the spirit of struggle. Arts and culture have always played an integral role in social movements; amplifying the message and vision of our struggles, building unity across long standing divisions, and igniting the confidence and courage that are needed to move us into action. The arts and culture work of Kairos takes up this legacy to develop resources and connect with artists and cultural organizers that can push forward the goals of our movement network broadly and the Poor People’s Campaign immediately.

Both of these areas of work are a part of a newly formed Culture and Communications Cohort housed at Kairos. The Culture and Communications Cohort works in collaboration with other areas of work to develop resources, shape and promote events, and grow the reach of the ideas and lessons being developed through Kairos. The cohort also seeks to advance special projects of the Kairos network in the areas of communications and culture, especially providing editorial guidance on the Kairos blog and website, podcasts and webinars, new social media platforms, graphic design, and theomusicology and movement cultural arts.

Arts, culture, and media are essential for conveying the lessons of our work and as a tool for mass political education. If we are to shift the distorted moral narratives that maintain injustice in our society, we must think intentionally about strengthening our use of media, arts, and culture to build solidarity, develop leadership, and push forward our ideas and values as a movement.