Moral Witness Wednesday: Economic Investment for the People, Not Corporations & the Greedy

Wednesday, October 27, 9am and 10:30am ET

Right now decisions are being made in DC that will impact all of our lives – where our representatives land on the Build Back Better plan, voting rights, health care, climate change, and immigrant rights will fundamentally shift the trajectory of this nation, either towards a more just democracy for all or towards an increasing oligarchy for the few.

This is an emergency call to Washington DC for all of us who are opposed to Congress cutting life-saving, planet-saving, democracy-saving legislation and compromising on the backs of poor people, immigrants, people of color and the environment.WE NEED A MORAL WITNESS IN WASHINGTON DC ON OCT. 27th!We the people – poor people, low-wage workers, essential workers, people of faith, and moral advocates – are tired of being pawns in a political game that hurts us while greedy and corrupt corporations enrich themselves off our poverty.Following the rally we will join CASA and the Center for Popular Democracy for their March and Rally on Congress!