What is the role of religion in movements for social change today? How are movements for social change themselves redefining how we understand what religion is and should be? These are the questions students and community leaders engaged during the Winter 2015 immersion course. We spent time in the classroom examining historical examples where religion was central in social struggle and discussing some of the theological issues and questions at stake. We also learned through engagement with current struggles by traveling to North Carolina to meet leaders from the North Carolina NAACP and participate in the annual Historic Thousands on Jones Street Moral March.
After two day-long classroom sessions and a three-day immersion in North Carolina, students were invited to share a reflective blog post.
Erica Williams – “My Faith and My Movement”
Nic Laccetti – “Fixing Our Heart Problem”
Foster Pinkney – “Moral Leadership for Today’s Freedom Movements
Valerie Ross – “Public Policy and Pastoral Care”
Julio Torres – “Code Blue”
Timothy Wotring – “Glossalia of the Movement”
Mauricio Salgado – “Tired, So Tired”
Elaina Smith – “Fierce Presence of Love”
Joseph Nicholson – “We Need Everyone to Come to the Table”
Nathan Fox-Helser – “Why Place Matters”