Advent of Revolution

The Freedom Church of the Poor has developed liturgical seasons which reflect the seasons of our lives and organizing a movement to end poverty. Drawing on the liturgical tradition of mainline Christian churches, the Freedom Church of the Poor season of The Advent of a Revolution parallels the season of Advent. In the Freedom Church of the Poor season of Advent of a Revolution we recognize that social movements and revolutions are built in stages. We see this throughout the Israelites’ struggle for liberation and in the life and ministry of Jesus, as he built a movement of the poor against the empire of Rome. Texts that exemplify the stages of building a social movement characterize the season of the Advent of a Revolution. They include the calls of the prophets, both biblical and contemporary, who demand a radical revolution of values and prepare the way for transformation from the bottom up.

This worship and study resource is a supplemental study guide for the Advent of a Revolution section of We Cry Justice: Reading the Bible With the Poor People’s Campaign.

During this Advent of a Revolution, this season of preparation, we are challenged to ask the question, “are we ready for change to come?” Are we prepared to step out of our complacency with the way things are, and ready to respond fully to God’s vision of justice in our world?

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