Eric Garcia

A convening intended to deepen our understanding of Christian Nationalism, the dominant ideological force underpinning our political and economic system in the US. The distorted religious ideas of Christian Nationalism justify a system that creates tremendous wealth alongside tremendous poverty, blames the poor for their poverty, and blesses greed and the relentless pursuit of profit. The terrain of religion and morality cannot be ceded to extremists, especially when there are profound insights arising from the struggles of the poor and dispossessed. Historically there has always been a struggle over the spiritual center of society. Our workshops and discussion will be rooted in and guided by the perspective and insight of the organized poor in the US and aimed at supporting the growing movement of the poor to end poverty.

Panel discussion with Bishop William Barber II, Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, Wendsler Nosie, and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
The People’s Forum, NYC
January 25, 2020