Characterized by biblical stories and historical and contemporary examples in which every need is supplied, such as the garden of Eden, manna in the wilderness, the practice of jubilee, and the early Christian communities, this theme describes the anti-poverty programs that run throughout the Bible.  The season of “Jubilee” parallels Pentecost, when God’s Spirit was poured out on a multiracial movement of Jesus followers, as well as the season just after, often known as Ordinary time.  These biblical narratives provide not just our moral justification that everybody has a right to live, but also how that reality can be achieved, which ought to be ordinary in our lives and world.

Freedom Church of the Poor Service Schedule

(Find info and links to services here as they become available)

Pride Month with Freedom Church of the Poor

This entire Pride Month, queer and trans leaders in our Freedom Church, Iglesia del Pueblo, and Freedom Shul networks will be leading services. In our study and preparation for this season we have committed ourselves:

  • to strengthen the power, skill, and unity of our entire movement to defeat anti-queer/anti-trans violence
  • to strengthen our own spiritual leadership and moral authority as queer/trans cadre,
  • to engage the Battle for the Bible as queer and trans faith leaders, uplifting scriptures that honor our dignity and wrestling heretical interpretation from the hands of White Christian Nationalism, and
  • to love and protect each other.

June 4, 2023 (6:00pm ET)
Season of Jubilee: God’s Love
Leaders of the Student Christian Movement of Cuba, along with members of Freedom Church of the Poor who are in Cuba, will share their experiences of faith as a tool for liberation of the LGBTQI+ community. United in the struggle against empire and its manifestations of fundamentalism which would condemn and exclude people of diverse genders and sexualities from our churches. The speakers will give testimonials about why these exclusionary theologies do not reflect the true God of love that is present in the Gospel, as we reaffirm that God does not discriminate against any of us. Scripture: Romans 8:31-35

Temporada de Jubileo: El Amor de Dios
Líderes del Moviemento Estudiantil Cristiano de Cuba, juntos con nuestros miembros de Freedom Church y La Iglesia del Pueblo quienes están en Cuba, van a compartir sus experiencias de fe como una herramienta para la liberación de la comunidad Lgtbiq+. Unidos en la lucha contra el imperio y sus manifestaciones de fundamentalismo que quiera condenar y excluir a las personas sexo-género-diversas de las iglesias. Elles van a dar testimonio de por qué estas teologías excluyentes no reflejan al verdadero Dios del amor presente en los Evangelios, vamos a reafirmar que Dios no discrimina a ninguno de sus hijxs. Escritura: Romanos 8:31-35.

June 11, 2023 (6:00pm ET)
Season of Jubilee: Trans Healthcare is a Human Right
Leaders in Put People First! PA and the Non-Violent Medicaid Army that are queer will share their experiences and commitment to the struggle for Healthcare As a Human Right. We will testify that God’s love extends to all people, and that gender-affirming and sexual healthcare are a part of what we all deserve in God’s justice, and that the poor and afflicted are agents of their own well-being. Scripture: Isaiah 56:1-8, Mark 5:24-34.

June 18, 2023 (6:00pm ET)
Season of Jubilee: God’s Spirit on the Rejected
With a reflection on Joel 2 and Psalm 118 by Zac White from the Kairos Center

June 25, 2023 (6:00pm ET)
Season of Jubilee:
With a reflection by Moses Armand from University of the Poor

Cultural Resources for the Season

These visual arts, theomusicology and reading resources are available for you to download and use in your faith communities and/or organizing efforts during the season. The images can be printed out and hung in physical spaces, or shared virtually online, and songs can be played as videos or learned to sing as a group.

The Freedom Church of the Poor is a project of Kairos Center for Religions, Rights, and Social Justice. We help identify and develop moral/spiritual leadership for the struggle to end poverty, systemic racism, ecological devastation, militarism, and the false moral narrative of Christian nationalism. In addition to weekly online services that reach thousands of people, the Freedom Church of the Poor holds regular Bible study, and is developing ways to provide ongoing prayer and support to the church community.

We hope you will join us at our weekly Freedom Church of the Poor worship services on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. EST on the Kairos Center Facebook page or YouTube channel.