Charon Hribar

Director of Cultural Strategies

Dr. Charon Hribar is a visionary leader, musician, and scholar dedicated to harnessing the power of arts and culture for social change. Currently serving as the Director of Cultural Strategies for the Kairos Center and Co-Director of Theomusicology and Movement Arts for the Poor People’s Campaign: National Call for Moral Revival, Charon has spent over two decades at the forefront of using arts and culture as tools for movement building, political education, and leadership development.

Throughout her career, Charon has worked tirelessly to empower community and religious leaders across the nation. She has been instrumental in creating music and cultural resources that enable grassroots leaders to integrate arts and culture into their organizing efforts. Notable projects include the “Songs in the Key of Resistance Movement Songbook”, the “We Cry Justice Cultural Arts Project”, the “Justseeds’ Poor People’s Campaign Art Portfolio,”and “Power in the Air.” 

Charon’s dedication to amplifying the voices of poor and oppressed people has led her to develop resources such as “Poor People’s Campaign Arts + Culture Resources” and “Stop the War on the Poor: Combating U.S. Militarism + the War Economy”. Her work encompasses a wide range of creative endeavors aimed at fostering social justice and collective liberation.

In addition to her role as a song leader and resource creator, Charon has been actively involved in on-the-ground organizing efforts. She has traveled across the country leading music in direct action campaigns, teaching social movement music, and facilitating song circles and workshops on creative direct action. She is a founding leader of Songs in the Key of Resistance (SKOR), a cross-movement space for artists, organizers, community and faith leaders to come together to create community through singing and support each other as we work for justice. 

Charon’s hands-on approach to organizing has earned her widespread respect and admiration within the social justice community. Additionally, she is a respected scholar, holding a Masters in Divinity from Union Theological Seminary and a PhD in Christian Social Ethics from Drew University. She is the co-author of the forthcoming book, We Cry Justice: Liturgies of the Freedom Church of the Poor (2025), a groundbreaking exploration of the intersection between faith, justice, ritual and cultural expression.

Driven by a deep commitment to justice and equality, Charon Hribar continues to inspire and empower others to use arts and culture as catalysts for social transformation.