Think It’s a Game

Huggy Bear (Alex Lofton III) was in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and went to combat with the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines in the Gulf War. He wrote this poem in December 2003 and performed it on December 6, 2019, in New York City, at an event entitled, Confronting the War on the Poor, convened by the Kairos Center for Religions, Rights and Social Justice. He lives and organizes in Mobile, Alabama and is with the Alabama Poor People’s Campaign.

It’s on now, your boy done set it off 
and shit ain’t going to never be the same 

George Bush done put America in some serious shit.
So you better stop thinking it’s a game 

most of our militaries are in the Persian Gulf right Now.
A lot of innocent people died to get Saddam Hussein, 
but we claim we were threatened 
By a man who couldn’t fly in his own fucking country 
and got the Arab and  Muslim world completely inflamed. 

They wanted  to fuck up Iraq
Since the first day they got in office
But the excuses they had before were lame 
Now, they just keep screaming
He was helping Al Qaeda, 
but they can’t back up None of their fucking claims  

Now if he was in on that 9/11, 
I really can’t tell it 
but my guess is his ass gonna get framed. 

If you know what I know 
about the shit our government  done 
then you too, would be cynical and ashamed 
you’re dreaming if you think it’s just about disarmament and  freedom ,
You’d better wake up and smell of bovine fecal matter 

this shit is about Bush 
and Big Oil controlling the Middle East 
and making their fucking Pockets fatter. 

You see Bush and his boys are about 
to make billions off that oil –
the whole world economy runs on gas –
get oil to control the markets and do whatever the fuck they want and then tell OPEC and Saudi Arabia to kiss their ass.

Then you chuck up one more democracy 
in the heart of the Middle East 
and the New World Order die is cast

make them change their religion and culture and the way 
they’ve been doing things with thousands for years 
in the past. 

Now we can whoop them 
cuz we have Superior military technology 
but trust me the shit won’t last 

Cause they will retaliate right in the heart of America
with some shit, 
that’s  going to keep our flags flying at half mast 

they can bring you anything they want at any fucking time 
Every year tons of weed, heroin  and cocaine to get through
the drug smugglers and terrorists running in
the same fucking clique Yo dog 
put the nuclear warhead in the ship for me too. 

If you don’t think Atlanta is a city at the top of the shit list
then you don’t know what the fuck you talking about. 
What better way would that be 
to disrupt our society 
by blowing up one of the largest populated cities in the south.

So if you are scared to go to church 
and buy you some duct tape
Or find the number for CDC and FEMA 
cuz America threw out the rule book on War a long time ago. 

When we chose to nuke Nagasaki and Hiroshima 
those were not military targets 
Those were alive and thriving cities 
and we annihilated 350000 civilians
without remorse or guilt or pity.

Our Karma fucked up and pay back coming
and guess who going to shoulder the blame.
because all the fucked up shit our government been doing through the years
They’ve been doing your fucking name. 

We killed innocent civilians every time 
we went to war and planned our strategy 
on how many we could manage 

And then we did high altitude bombings so our planes wouldn’t get hit and then called the innocent victims collateral damage  

and then we go around lecturing leaders
and governments
about possessing weapons of mass destruction. 

But America’s the only nation
on the face of this planet 
to use a nuclear weapon 
on another country. 

Now we trying to restore order 
to this fucking chaos 
when we opened up Pandora’s Box 

the World Trade Center wasn’t shit to them
next time they might take out 50 60 blocks.

When them bombs
start going off they won’t discriminate whether you’re
or  tall 

and when the Terrorists in Atlanta start setting up their shit 
they going to South Dekalb and Lenox Mall 


Right in the Food court before you know shit.
Blood and Guts and body parts splattered Against The Wall 

people moaning in Agony. 
Where’s the fucking Humanity 
Look at that man with no legs trying to crawl.
He drops into his own blood 
Mortally wounded and dying knowing ain’t shit left to do now, but just pray.

But before he slips 
into eternal Darkness 
he can’t help but wonder 
what the fuck America 
has done 
to make them attack us this way 

Because what he never learned 
is far as them terrorists are concerned 
we’ve always been a part of this fray

Because them Guns Tanks and Missile Israel use to fuck up Palestinians 
was  given to them by 
the US of A 

So I wrote this for you 
with the really nice cars with bumper stickers on them
supporting this fucking War
right next to your sign that
stands for what would Jesus do?

Now I’m no Theologian 
but I know he wouldn’t go to war for Oil
and he wouldn’t Bomb civilians on foreign soils 
and wouldn’t oppress a race of people to keep Israel
for the Jews. 

They got us watchin this War. 
Like it’s some fucking PlayStation game 
24 hours real time live 
on TV
journalist and Media embedded in certain military units. 
So they’re showing you 
what the fuck they want you to see

and we’re riveted to the coverage 
every day and night 
watching the cruise missiles and bombs
go Bang

But I bet if it was our
and cities 
get blown the fuck up every day,
I got a feeling some your attitudes might change

Because what I find about this Christian warmonger ideology flawed and Odd
Wasn’t it supposed to be the peacemakers who inherit the kingdom of God?
They using lies and propaganda 
like a veil of ignorance. 

So I wrote this poem 
To lift it

The Bullshit is coming 
out the American backyard, 
but the smell
you gotta get closer and sniff it

The bottom line is that those
people don’t want our ass over there. 

we should pack up our shit and leave 
the sign says no Infidel
ain’t saying it’s right but they got the right 
to believe what they want to believe 

We need to learn to wean our self off their oil right now or learn to pay their prices 
tell Israel to leave or guard their fucking Grill 
and leave them motherfucker to the own devices 

the problem with America’s 
we got too much power 
and the more powerful We get 
the more desperate they get

they know they could never beat us in a conventional War 
that’s why they keep coming at us with this gangster shit 

America’s balls out on war 
because we forgot what it cost 

it’s no longer intimate 
man to man face to face
with GPS Munitions 
will bomb you into submission 
we control the ultimate High Ground space

we are the most powerful nation that has ever existed 
Why Can’t We Be Strong yet humble 
But George Bush diplomacy Only Knows 5 words
and that’s 
let’s get ready to rumble

he happy as hell 
does he think he about to score a touchdown 
but reality his ass is about to Fumble 

Because he won’t realize this 
What’s in the game
no more 
until  a couple more of our skyscrapers crumble 

the shit he’s doing now he’s making it worse 
he’s raised Al Qaeda recruitment through the roof 
and when we finish dropping those hot eggs on the Iraqi people’s head 
they going to send some chickens to come home to roost

For thousands of years 
they lived their lives in a certain way in a fundamentalist Islamic theocracy
and they’d rather die and kill us all than
to  change their way of life to a secular capitalistic democracy 

they’re not in it for kicks 
they know what’s at stake 
they’re not in it for oil, patriotism, Glory or fame 

And they’re willing to win by any means necessary

so y’all better stop thinking this shit’s a game