Welcome to “Bringing Justice,” a learning experience for 6th to 12th graders. The accompanying lesson plans have been created by the Kairos Center and informed by the work of the Poor People’s Campaign: National Call for Moral Revival (PPC: NCMR).

The goal of “Bringing Justice” is for the students to better understand the injustices in our society, and then for the students to identify ways to work for change. To achieve this goal, the students will listen to stories told by people strongly impacted by poverty, racism, ecological devastation, and militarism/the military budget. They will also examine data that quantifies the effects of the injustices, (optional) how the holy scriptures [Christian, Jewish, Muslim] instruct us to act when injustice exists, and then identify ways that the students can work to bring more justice to their communities.

Three components are needed to implement this learning experience. (Click the links to download!)

    1. Lesson Plan – Understanding that youth groups have different amounts of time for study, four versions of the lesson plan have been created. They include many of the same elements, but are designed to take different amounts of time to implement: 45 / 45 minutes (two successive sessions), 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 2 hours.
    2. A Powerpoint that provides a structure for implementing the lesson and includes links to the videotapes and songs included in the lesson. [Download]
    3. A Resource Sheet with links to all the texts and resources used in the lesson, plus foundational publications of the Poor People’s Campaign. [Download]

If you have any questions about implementing “Bringing Justice,” please send them to info@kairoscenter.org.

We hope that “Bringing Justice” will be a powerful addition to your ongoing programming for 6th to 12th graders. We are excited about the potential of this learning experience. At the same time, we are always eager to learn how to make educational resources more effective. To that end, after you have implemented “Bringing Justice,” please share your evaluative feedback with us at info@kairoscenter.org:

  • What worked particularly well in “Bringing Justice?”
  • What would you suggest changing? Why? How would you suggest changing it?

Thank you for all you do to make this world a more just place.

Forward together!