SUNDAY, JAN. 24 | 6:00PM ET
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“Learn As We Lead: Leadership Across Difference”

To build the unity of the poor and dispossessed as the leading social force capable of demanding a revolution of values, we must build many leaders from the ranks of the poor and the rejected. We will not pretend our differences aren’t there, but hold them up as our collective strength when we unite around our common problems. Leaders are not born, they are forged in struggle.

On Sunday, Jan. 24th, join the Freedom Church of the Poor as leaders being forged in the struggle reflect on Matthew 1:14-20 and an excerpt by Nijmie Dzurinko reflecting on what uniting across historical lines of division — like race, geography, age, gender, sexuality and more — looks like.

Image: Just Seeds poster by Ashley Hufnagel

**Spanish and ASL interpreters provided.**