Power to the People

Huggy Bear (Alex Lofton III) was in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and went to combat with the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines in the Gulf War. He lives and organizes in Mobile, Alabama and is with the Alabama Poor People’s Campaign. He wrote this poem on February 28, 2020 in Mobile.

The rich just keep getting richer and the poor just keep getting poorer. Trust me that’s more than just a cliche’

Whether its food, clothing, Shelter, justice system or healthcare your Lot in life depends on what you can afford to pay

Let’s not even mention the trials and tribulations of being a person of color, woman, immigrant, transgendered or Ģaý

They’re subjugating the people and destroying the planet for profits but that’s always been the Capitalist way

There was never any money in our salvation and or liberation All the profits have always been in our oppression. /

They’ve been trying to school us to these facts for a couple of hundreds of years and it’s high time we start learning the lesson

They use lies, and propaganda to keep us fighting one another while they make more money we out here stressing

The Police and Military are there to protect the whole operation but don’t hold your breath if you waiting on an apology or confession

You see before they give up all their Power and their profits they’d rather see us all Dead

They’ll shoot you a hundred times and then say you was accidentally poisoned by some lead

They know half of the people won’t research or question all the lies they’re being fed

And the other half woke but they’re too comfortable to get up out the bed

You see America’s luxuries and this worlds poverty are all intertwined

The precious metals in the technology we love so much come from places
that Use slave labor in their mines

You must be out your mind if you think they done left imperialism and Colonialism behind

They just got private security firms and
corporations mapping and drawing up the new lines

And the America’s history book has Blood and Tears on every last one of its pages

And most of us are still slaves either do to our mind, debt, Penitentiary or wages

Got his walking around here thinking we free when they’ve been Doling it out to us in stages

And anyone who tried to educate the people to the truth have been hit with gauges or lock in cages

But we cant wait till all the foods gone and it ain’t no water to drink

and all the trees have been chopped Down so all the air we have to breath stink

Until that house of cards Stock market crash and now your Family living out of a clunker

and when those nuclear bombs start to flying it ain’t going to be nowhere to Hunker

Well unless you know to find a bunker or you befriend a Billionaire with a ticket

But most likely you and your family won’t survive because you wouldn’t grab a sign and pick it

Because pretty soon we are all going to be inundated with war, famine and disease

All because we live and tolerate a system that let’s a few fat rats hog all the cheese

So the Rich man son and daughter go to school why the poor man’s son and daughter go to war

You dodging IED in Fallujah while they’re studying for the bar

You been eating MREs for the last 60 days they’re country club ordering Lobster and caviar

You’re an expert sniper with 10 confirmed kills and on the Back 9 he shot 9 under par

Too much food I out here been thrown away for kids to go hungry and have nothing to eat

too many vacant homes in empty lots for people to be dying in the cold on the streets

Too much science and change right in our faces to not see what we’re doing to this Earth

Too much Greatness and Beauty in all Races to not I see why God made us so richly diverse

And we got too much in common and too much at stake to be out here acting like rival

They win when we fight amongst ourselves so that’s why they try
to teach us to be tribal

So wether you study the Torah ,the Quran, The Vedas, Buddhism or the Bible

Its high time we come together under one roof and futhfil Dr Kings dream of a Moral Revival

It’s way more of us then it is us them so we’re coming together the way God meant

That means everybody preaching Love and Compassion that means you’re invited to the Tent

Time to give the Power to People so we’re picking up the baton

Now we understand this March for freedom was always gone be a marathon

We Nipping complacency in the budd and we are getting back on our Hustle

We got the will, the Might, the Plan, the sight, the right attitude and the Muscle

Wether your old, young, Black and white straight,
gay rich or poor

We are answering the call for a Moral Revival for our Survival is time for us all TO Do More