Alix Webb

Managing Director

Alix is Kairos Center’s Managing Director. Alix brings to Kairos experience in non-profit management, community organizing, and leadership development gained in the course of more than 25 years of work connected to building a movement to end poverty. Her commitment to movement building was forged in the early 1990’s while working with mothers losing benefits due to “welfare reform” and organizing with leaders in the National Union of the Homeless and National Welfare Rights Organization. Alix has fought for justice at the local and national levels with the unemployed and employed and grassroots community and religious leaders. Most recently, Alix’s work has been based in Pennsylvania’s immigrant and refugee Asian communities. In 2020, she co-founded PA’s first Asian focused 501c-4 organization. Alix attributes her commitment to fighting for justice to her heritage as a 4th generation Japanese American whose family was interned in American concentration camps in World War II.