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We are assembling a network of commissioners representing organizations, campaigns, and other efforts with deep relationships to the poor and dispossessed of our country. Twenty of these commissioners have agreed to constitute a Standing Commission for 2017. Learn more about the members of the Standing Commission.

Want to know more about “The Right to Not Be Poor”? Interested in why we’ve decided to form this Truth Commission? Read a more in-depth explanation.

To make this Truth Commission work, we need to help commissioners travel to communities around the country. Make a donation to help with transportation costs.

Past Truth Commission Events

Truth Commission on Poverty in New York State

Neighborhood Check-In: Southern Tier, June 1, Cuba Cultural Center, Cuba, NY. Read Suzanne Flierl Krull’s reflection on the check-in here.

Capital Region Truth Commission: July 13, Schenectady, NY (Location TBD)

Long Island Truth Commission: September 12, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish Hall, Wyandanch, NY

Regional Poor People’s Campaign Revival: October 16-18, Binghamton, NY: The findings of the statewide truth commission will be presented as part of this statewide gathering with Rev. Dr. William Barber and the New Poor People’s Campaign.

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2nd International Gathering of Social Movements on Water

When: Thursday, June 8 – Sunday, June 11

Where: Detroit, MI

Join Michigan Welfare Rights Organization and the People’s Water Board as they gather with hundreds of water warriors from across the Midwest, U.S. and internationally to discuss water contamination, shutoffs, unaffordability, inadequate sewage systems, infrastructure needs, and public and personal health problems — all associated with the denial of the human right to water.

This social movement gathering will bring together people directly affected by water problems, grassroots leaders, community attorneys, researchers, educators, artists and policy makers to strategize on solutions that ensure safe, life giving water is never denied based upon income or access.

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The People’s Tent Revival

Chicago Poor People's Campaign

When: Saturday, May 27, 1pm – 7pm

Where: Chicago, IL

Hosted by Blocks Together, this Truth Commission event and Revival will bring together poor and dispossessed people from all across Chicago to build unity, dance, learn about the Poor People’s Campaign (then and now), and share knowledge and skills.

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Watch Rebel Diaz’s video retrospective on the People’s Tent Revival.

United Not Blighted: Baltimore’s 20/20 Vision

When: Saturday, May 13, 2pm–5pm

Where: The Baltimore War Memorial: 101 N Gay St, Baltimore, MD

“United Not Blighted” is a community event in Baltimore supporting United Workers’ 20/20 vision for the city, which includes funding for Community Land Trusts and to support urban agriculture and green space. Truth Commissioners will come from around the country to hear testimony about housing, displacement, and how people across Baltimore are coming up with and fighting for solutions to the problems in their city.

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The People’s Revival in Aberdeen, WA

When: Thursday, May 4, 5pm–8pm

Where: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (The Red Door Church) @ 400 E 1st St in Aberdeen, WA

Organized by Chaplains on the Harbor, The People’s Revival is the kickoff event for an upcoming year of documenting human rights abuses against the poor in Grays Harbor County, WA. Struggling people on the Harbor know all too well how hard it is to survive there. Now it’s time to start collecting those stories, organizing around our common issues, and building enough power together so nobody can sweep us under the rug anymore.

Read a reflection by Rev. Shawna Foster, Board Chair of Iraq Veterans Against the War, on the People’s Revival.

Read a reflection by Bob Zellner on the People’s Trial.

World Meeting of Popular Movements

When: February, 2017

Where: Modesto, CA

Pope Francis has called for, and the Vatican has organized, a series of meetings to bring together popular movements from around the world. The New Poor People’s Campaign sent a delegation to the recent US Regional meeting held in Modesto, California.

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